Continue monitoring your elderly parents from far

If you have migrated overseas and have had no choice but to leave your elderly parents in Sri Lanka, it can be very normal to have anxieties and concerns about their general wellbeing. We understand that it can be extremely difficult at times to get updates on their medical status.

We are a premium home care service for the elderly where we prioritize the needs of our patients whilst consulting their family overseas. We will support you to feel more empowered in the decision making process by giving you a clear update regarding your parents’ health needs. Our customized packages offer home care solutions according to your specific concerns.

Our Patient Case Managers can ensure that their records and appointments are kept up to date whilst they provide you with instant reporting and feedback on any health conditions and treatment plans.

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We offer the following services

Annual Membership Fee

This fee is optional but provides services throughout the subscription period

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Patient Case Manager

This package is offered for families that require a qualified nurse to be present with your elder relative

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Caregiver services

This package is offered for families that require the services of a caregiver to care for their loved ones.

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Overnight Care Companion

This package is offered to patients who require a nurse to stay overnight (12 hrs) with the elderly client.

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Daily Companion

This package will ensure that a nurse or caregiver will stay with your elderly parents throughout the day.

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Travel Companion

This package is for semi-independent elderly individuals who wish to travel locally or internationally. This is ideal for senior citizens who wish to live a limitless life.

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We put customer service first!

Our nurses and caregivers undergo regular training sessions in relation to soft skills and communication. To provide a quality service we encourage our customers and patients to provide us on going feedback on how we can improve our services.

Expert Team

Samara Care is headed by a former Australian educated Nurse. Our handpicked Nurses and Caregivers are qualified with regular up-skilling and training sessions.

Premium Service

It’s important to us that we provide a quality service for with live feedback if and when required. We provide pre and post online sessions for the family following each appointment

Continuity of Care

We continue to update and maintain the records of your elderly loved ones. In the unfortunate event of the patient being hospitalized, our team will provide the required information if needed


Where do you start?

Follow these quick and easy steps

Drop us an email on nadeeka@samara.care to book your online appointment with our care consultant

Customize your parents’ “Care Package” and set a date for us to meet them

Be at ease. We will take care of the rest!