Annual Membership Fee (optional)

This fee is optional but provides services throughout the subscription period:

  • Twice a week phone calls to your relatives to hear about their concerns whilst we follow up on their care plan. It can also be a “companionship call” where we can just have a friendly chat with your loved ones to see how their day is going.
  • Monthly medication delivery  (medication and transport fee to be paid for by patient’s family)
  • Monthly “drop-in” at the patient’s home, by a senior member from the team. This is in addition the care packages mentioned below. The patient’s environment and general wellbeing will be assessed upon visit.
  • Fortnightly online meetings with family overseas to hear out their concerns and make plans accordingly.

Patient Case Manager

This package is offered for families that require a qualified nurse to be present with your elder relative.

  • Pre and post appointment meetings (online) with the family that lives overseas.
  • The nurse acts as a case manager where he/she stores the information of the patient at Samara Care Pvt Ltd. This means that the family has the ability to request Samara Care for continuous access to information. This is also very beneficial if the patient is admitted to hospital, as the records including investigations, past history, medication, and medical records will be accessible.
  • Takes responsibility of transferring patient to appointments and back home.
  • Engages in record taking during appointments, including conversing with the medical consultant (if channeling).
  • Provides basic health education.
  • Conducts a generalized assessment of patients.

Note: We do not provide medication and treatment plans. Instead we coordinate the process by connecting the patient, health care professionals and the family that live overseas.

Discharge Nurse Care

This package is offered for families that require extra support when discharging a patient from hospital.

  • A nurse will visit the patient prior to discharge to assess the patient status prior to discharge from the hospital
  • The nurse will be liaising with the medical and nursing staff of the hospital to ensure that the discharging process runs smoothly
  • The nurse will be able to provide a relief for patient families during this difficult and stressful time of transition.
  • If the family opts to, the nurse will stay overnight until the patient is settled comfortably at home

Caregiver services

This package is offered for families that require the services of a caregiver to care for their loved ones.

  • Pre and post appointment meetings (online) with the family that lives overseas.
  • The caregiver acts as a companion to the patient. We offer home care, support with activities of daily living, companionship during social events and of course making sure that the patient’s environment is safe and comfortable.
  • Support the patient in and around the patient’s home.
  • Support patients to with mobility for minor medical appointments, grocery shopping etc.

Overnight Care Companion

This package is offered to patients who require a nurse to stay overnight (12 hrs) with the elderly client.

  • A nurse or caregiver will stay overnight with your parents from 8pm-8am (hours are flexible).
  • The carer will stay awake if required and a report of the patient will be provided at the end of the shift.
  • Supporting the patient with activities of daily living, including feeding, bathing, toileting, dressing etc.

Daily Companion

This package will ensure that a nurse or caregiver will stay with your elderly parents throughout the day.

  • A nurse or caregiver will stay throughout the day with your elderly parents.
  • Supports activities of daily living, including feeding, bathing, toileting, dressing etc.
  • The carer will provide a daily report to the senior management of Samara Care.
  • Samara Care team provides a weekly update of patient condition, unless there are significant changes.

Travel Companion

This package is for semi-independent elderly individuals who wish to travel locally or internationally. This is ideal for senior citizens who wish to live a limitless life!

  • A caregiver will be travelling alongside the patient if travelling locally.
  • For international travel, a nurse will accompany the patient. The visa requirements of the nurse will be borne by Samara Care.
  • The duties of the nurse and the carer will vary according to the destination and the need of the client.

Customized Care

If you’re not sure what package you may need, have a chat with our team to see how we can provide a customized care package based on your elderly relative’s needs.